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We are all about horses! We have Books and DVDs for every equine interest, fiction and non-fiction, for children and adults. Knight Equestrian Books has been serving the needs of horse enthusiasts since 1987, at our bookstore in Maine, on the road at shows and, since 1996, on the Internet.

We have collected books and DVDs from around the world to help you care for and train horses, teach riders, and master new riding skills – from dressage to driving, from eventing to endurance riding, and from trail riding to team penning. Or, maybe you like stories about horses – we have those, too.

Browse by subject, use the search engine, or contact us at (207) 882-5494 or ‘help at knightbooks.com’ and we’ll assist you to find what you are looking for. And do check our new Blog for the latest happenings and arrivals at the bookstore.

If you're traveling this direciton, come visit our store near Boothbay Harbor in picturesque Edgecomb, Maine. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6 pm EST. We keep our own horses close by and they love company. Mention the word "Carrot!" and they'll come running!




NEW ARRIVALs Late Winter 2013

DVD - Dressage Movements Revealed: Biomechanical Concepts and Bodywork-Using the Masterson Method® by Jim Masterson (2013)

Jim Masterson's instructional DVD addresses the unique expectations and demands put on the horse's physiology as he moves up through the different levels and movements of dressage. The DVD reveals what happens in the horse's body during dressage training, enabling riders and trainers to recognize when a horse may be developing physiological issues. Specific Masterson Method® bodywork techniques are shared to help riders meet the unique demands on the dressage horse.

Dressage rider and trainer Betsy Steiner demonstrates and explains how it feels when muscle tension or lost range of motion make it difficult for an otherwise trained horse to perform the movements required of upper level dressage performers. Using a horse sporting a skeleton and muscles painted by renowned author and artist Susan Harris (creator of the first "painted horse" Anatomy in Motion DVDs), Steiner performs upper level dressage movements that exhibit extension, collection, bending, and lateral movement.175 minutes. Two Disc Set.

Code: 5700 Price: $45.00 Click Here to Order.

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Essential Guide to Carriage Driving by Robyn Cuffey - Paperback (2003)

Knowing that too many people are lucky to survive their first carriage driving experiences, helping others get a safe start is a primary goal for Cuffey. Generously illustrated with over 350 photographs and illustrations, this book covers topics ranging from the selection and fitting of harness and vehicle to preparing for competition.

Even if you have spent years with horses, Robyn Cuffey's book will help you with answers to numerous questions you may have when getting started in driving.

Code: 4055 Price: $24.95 Click here to order.

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BARN SALE!Early sale list

Cross Country with Jim Wofford + DVD by Jim Wofford - Paperback & DVD (2011))

26 lessons from Jim Wofford's Practical Horseman column help riders improve their eventing skills. Be prepared to have a few chuckles as he guides you through the very serious training needed to safely enjoy eventing. Case in point: when explaining an exercise to help horses learn jumping survival skills, he places two rails on the ground nine feet apart, for the horse to trot through. "Occasionally I get a horse who steps right on top of the ground pole. I just shrug and have the rider do the exercise again. If the horse makes a more cautious adjustment with his step, we reward him for being clever. If he takes a longer step to get beyond the rail, we reward him for being brave. If he steps on the pole again, we sell him, because he's too stupid to make an eventer!"

Covers selecting your horse and equipment, fitness and conditioning, working in the open for training, developing a safe position for each phase of eventing, and guidelines for training on your own at home. Includes a Cross Country Clinic with Jim Wofford on DVD (37 minutes).

Code: SAL35483 Price: $28.95

Barn Sale Price: $19.98 Click here to order

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Lendon's Dressage4Kids-

Lendon's Dressage4Kids 2014!

Kids participating in Lendon’s Youth Dressage Festival - check out your 2014 Required Reading List!


Kobo e-Readers

Independent eReaders for Independent Readers

Whether your choice is print or e-Ink, Knight Equestrian Books is here to help. As an Independent Bookstore and member of the American Booksellers Association, we’re excited to have partnered with Kobo to bring you the best in eReading!

Kobo offers over 3 million eBook titles - including best sellers, some great equestrian titles, and all those books for the non-horsey parts of your life. The brand is well established world wide (just ask our Canadian neighbors!). Books can be downloaded instantly over WiFi, making it the ultimate in convenience. Take your library with you wherever you go – Kobo eReaders store up to 1,000 eBooks!

Learn more about Kobo Glo - Code: 5635 Price: $129.99

Or set up your free Kobo account on our website, and then download the Kobo app to start reading on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Down to Earth Dressage by Carl Hester & Bernadette Faurie - Paperback


We've picked through for our favorites in the major sections of the bookstore "Herd" (Training, Horsekeeping, Dressage, Western, etc.), and listed them in the Shopping area.

We've added an in depth article about books on Ground Work & Play, which joins those on Rider Fitness and Schooling, to help you choose which titles might work best for you. Watch for more articles in the future.

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